GTR Line Up

The Death Spin

While Allan competes at the Sesame Street MMA Finals, Joe counts down the death of the fidget spinner.

Riddle Me This...

Brandon questions the use of The Riddler as a Jigsaw-like character, while marveling at the awesome Poke-activity coming out of YokohamaJapan.

Total Eclipse of the Art

The Geek Patrol welcomes Jeremy Veldman from the Memphis Astronomical Society to discuss the upcoming Eclipse, while Whitney Smith tells the team all about the Eclipse Mega Movie Project.

Netflix Rumblings

Netflix has bought Millarworld Comics, partnered up with David Letterman and prepares to say goodbye to Disney.


Batman Vs Two-Face has dropped its first trailer and Ryan Reynolds has shown us CABLE! PLUS: GUARDIANS INFERNO!

Goodbye Mockingbird Lane

Seth Myers is rebooting The Munsters and moving them to Brooklyn...

Joe's Anime Update: One Punch Man

Joe gets a new segment and a new passion...

Random Roundup

The Geek Patrol says goodbye to Godzilla, hello to the Signal, mixes with Google and watches out for Lizardmen.

Geek Tank Radio: A KISS Original