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GTR Line Up

Episode 1: Come to the Scenic Upside Down!

Joe books the Geek Patrol from the Upside Down Visitor's Center, because we all need a little mind-flaying...

Episode 2: For an Additional $45.99...

Brodee is loving Assassin's Creed Origins, but lootboxes might be his downfall

Episode 3: PGSC: Visitors from BEYOND!!!

Allan shares a NASA report about an interstellar object.

Episode 4: Ah-ah, AAAAAAH!

The Geek Patrol gets Ragnarok'd!

Episode 5: Brodee vs LARP

Caitlin Glore (Shelfie) joins the Geek Patrol to discuss what's in store for gaming at this year's MCFC!

Episode 6: Musical Interlude

KAZHA visits Geek Tank Radio to promote their upcoming MCFC appearance with a studio performance.

Episode 7: MAS Hysteria!

Jeremy Feldman of the Memphis Astronomical Society jumps into the Tank to discuss Telescope Season and the Messier Catalog.

Episode 8: Joe Vs The Buttdial

Joe's internet experiences this week include a 911 Call of Duty incident and The Cornell Pumpkin Mystery...


Brandon is armed with a NERF RIVALS Rifle full of pop culture

Episode 10: Random for Brodee

Jessie talks IT baby munching, Joe demonizes soccer for urine violations and Brandon says happy Birthday to a Frankenstein




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