Afternoon HEADLINES 05/24/18

TONS of relationship news today! From Gwyneth Paltrow opening up about her Ben Affleck days to a Kim and Kanye anniversary to Prince Harry’s phone call w an ex before he got married. Plus Kelly Clarkson reveals the secret to her weight loss and MORE!

Gwyneth Paltrow is opening up about her relationship with Ben Afleck saying it was “very much a lesson“ which is good. All relationships should be I guess.  

Kim Kardashian posted a very touching photo of her and Kanye on their wedding day celebrating their four year anniversary! 

Apparently Prince Harry had a very tearful phone call with his ex-girlfriend before the royal wedding. No I don’t think it was cold feet but rather cold emotions.  

Prince Harry & Meghan Marckle / Getty Images

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Kelly Clarckson / Getty Images

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Update time! 

Offset is back on his feet after that car crash in Atlanta and will not face charges.

Offset / Getty Images

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