Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

The MTV Movie & TV Awards went down and it was a big night for Black Panther (as it should have been), and speaking of TV a new show that shows REAL love, plus answering some ??? Like, is Chris Pratt dating a Schwarzenegger? Kim K might be running for President? Here’s what’s up.

Black Panther was center stage at last nights MTV Movie & TV awards, and rightfully so! Chadwick Boseman actually giving his award to a "real hero" of the Waffle House shooting and Micheal B. Jordan receiving "Best Villain", on a side note I thought Chris Pratt's acceptance speech was SPOT on! Check that out too!

Speaking of Chris Pratt... TMZ says they have "proof" that he and Katherine Schwarzenegger are dating because of these photos... hmmm.. ok

Kim K says that she's "considering" opening a law firm AND possibly running for president! She says "never say never"

Finally a show about love that shows REAL love! It's called Love Is... and it's coming to OWN

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