Geek Tank Radio Needs Their Super Suit!

In this all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, while Joe is away pitching his Last Jedi Remake script, Brandon breaks down the new DC Universe streaming service, Jeremy Veldman pops in for some MAS Hysteria, Allan takes a trip down the Tesla Fury Road, and Brodee refuses to grow up, because he’s a Toys R Us Kid.

It’s a Cold Day in Geekdom - 062918x1

The Geek Patrol find themselves stranded at FroZone’s Dessert Emporium, where everything on the menu is Sam Jackson-inspired!

Professor Gilbreath’s Fury Road - 062918x2

Allan is all sorts of giddy over the new Tesla self-driving trucks and what that means for his inevitable villainous domination

MAS Hysteria - 062918x3

Jeremy Veldman is back in the ‘Tank to get you primed for this month’s Memphis Astronomical Society meeting!

The Stream You Deserve - 062918x4 

The Geek Patrol breaks down the all-new DC Universe streaming launching in August

Fond Farewells - 062918x5

The Geek Patrol bids a fond farewell to Harlan Ellison, Joe Jackson and more as the week loses influential personalities

Tanks for Getting Loaded - 062918x6

The World according to the Geek Patrol

I Wish I Was a Little Bit Random - 062918x7

Kangaroos, UFOs and Shower thoughts…

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