Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

A live action #Cats movie is in the works and some of the casting has #Swifties hyped plus fans think they know the date Ariana and Pete are getting married and speaking of marriage, Post Malone says he’ll perform at this wedding for FREE!!!

Here’s what’s up...


In case you missed it on Broadway or on any stage ever, Taylor Swift, James Corden are set to star in the ‘Cats’ movie musical!

Taylor Swift to Make Acting Debut in 'Cats'
Taylor Swift to Make Acting Debut in 'Cats'
This is the music superstars first film role, she will also be joined by some Oscar/Tony winning performers. Are you excited to see TayTay's acting chops?

Some fans have a pretty convincing theory to when Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson will be getting married based on the tattoo they both have for his father, which are the numbers 8418, his badge number... August 8th 2018... I think they're on to something


Speaking of weddings, Post Malone says he will do ANYTHING to be in Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's wedding. Wedding singer... Flower boy... whatever and yes, for FREE! 



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