Ariel From Hattie B's Talks Chicken & Beer

Ariel from Hattie B's in Midtown stopped in to talk a little #NashvilleHotChicken and talk about what they're bringing to the table at this year's #ChickenAndBeerFest


Caroline took me over to see Ariel and the rest of the Hattie B's crew! (btw, you MUST check them out! SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!)


Check out ALL the details on Chicken and Beer Fest and more importantly your tix by hitting the link below!

Chicken & Beer Festival 2018
Chicken & Beer Festival 2018
Come and experience the Inaugural Memphis Chicken & Beer Festival! Saturday August 11th from 4-8pm On the field of the Liberty Bowl! CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS AND...


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