WATCH: Family Escapes Fire Tornado In CA

It took a matter of minutes, Justin Sanchez was corralling his two teenage sons and helping his father gather the important documents and police drove down the street ordering everyone to evauate. 

It might sound like the start to a movie but this is real life. 

Sanchez was in the bed of his father's old, blue pickup truck, recording, in disbelief, the insane phenomenon looming above them. With his father driving, the family quickly hit a line of cars filled with other scared evacuees, which he said "took forever to get out of."

The video is harrowing. 

Justin Sanchez returned to check out the aftermath

This fire has claimed the lives of a few more people unfortunately, a 70-year-old woman and her two great-grandchildren died before they could escape. Her family said the grandmother was found shielding the boy and girl with a wet blanket. On Sunday, officials found another body, ticking the Carr fire's death toll up to six, including two firefighters.

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