Morning #ParentHacks FTW!

Not all mornings are crazy stressful with kids. Sometimes they're just crazy, and if you're like me you're constantly trying to juggle being a parent (ya know, fun, relaxed, and teaching your kids how to life) all while trying to do what you need to do to keep things on track.

Well, I came across this article from AFRICA JACKSON and she offered some fun and GREAT tips for morning routine that are PERFECT for the "mini-you's"!

PreGame It!

It's a whole new meaning now. Ms. Jackson says

"On Sundays, I try to take out my son’s outfits for the week and fold the pants, shirt, undershirt, underwear, and socks together in a bundle. It has literally changed my life. And because I want to teach my son that he has choices in life, I let him pick which bundle he’ll wear for the day. On the weeks when I pre-game, it shaves at least 20 minutes off my morning routine."

Don't Have The Harsh Wake Up's

An alarm to wake up is almost a MUST but it doesn't need to be something that shakes the earth or your sanity! 

"On the first morning I awoke to wind chimes or some other hippie-sounding tone, and I was pleasantly surprised. The first sound I heard in the morning (when my son didn’t jump on my head to wake me up) helped shape the way my morning started. It may seem like a small thing, but the impact has been major key for me."

It's ALL about Dessert

I'm DEF taking this one to heart! This one is probably the best tip ever with the whole "laundry game" YES MS. JACKSON YES!

"I have to be vigilant about detecting boredom. My son gets dangerously creative when he is bored. Often, he’ll let out a long sigh right before getting the bright idea to climb on top of the fridge to practice being Catboy. Once you detect the nonsense, the next step is to distract your child. This can be done a number of ways, but make sure to tailor the distraction towards your child.

My son enjoys leadership and racing. So some mornings, I set the kitchen timer to clock him on exciting obstacle courses, like “making the bed,” “brushing teeth,” or laundry slam dunk. Laundry slam dunk is especially fun because he will go through the entire house until the hamper is full. He gets points (which he keeps track of, so I can actually get ready for the day), then when he’s finished he writes the points on the dry erase board in the kitchen. If he gets five points (or 10, depending on how messy the house is that morning), he gets dessert. Dessert could be a multigrain muffin, but I call it a cupcake so he’ll be more excited. We also call cereal bars Pop-Tarts."

Puzzles... The Building Blocks of Sane

Ms. Jackson recommends puzzles but I'll also add the big Lego blocks as I found these work well too. Really anything creative to keep their hands and minds busy. 

"the name of the game is engagement. Whether it’s one of those wooden peg puzzles, word games, or a little maze in the backyard, puzzles use up a little of that frantic morning energy while getting your child centered for the day. They can leave the house having accomplished something high-five worthy."

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