Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

#ArethaFranklin was laid to rest today and the stars took the stage to say and sing their final farewells. Eminem dropped some new music today#Kamikaze, Cardi B allegedly “ordered” someone be beaten up, and #StrangerThings is looking for band nerds! 

Here’s what’s up!


Stars from all walks joined to say their final farewells to Aretha Franklin as she was laid to rest today.

#LIVE footage from #ArethaFranklin Funeral
#LIVE footage from #ArethaFranklin Funeral

SURPRISE! New music from Eminem! Called Kamikaze dropped today and is worth the listen. It's being called his best in years!

Eminem Drops Surprise Album ‘Kamikaze,’ Takes Shots At Everybody!
Eminem Drops Surprise Album ‘Kamikaze,’ Takes Shots At Everybody!
Eminem shocked the world at the stroke of Midnight by dropping a new album. Kamikaze is the "Walk on Water" rapper's second album in less than a year.

Well this is interesting and scary. Cardi B allegedly ordered a bartender at a strip club be beaten up because she slept with Offset. 


And exciting news ex or even current band nerds! You could be on the new season of Stranger Things! No, not fighting a demigorgon but being you! Stranger Things producers are looking for extras to be in a marching band and all you need to do is 

1) Play a couple songs

2) be 16-30 years old

3) know how to march and play an instrument!

Here's the full info if your interested!


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