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Some justice for #MarcAnthony and hopefully for the people living in Brad Pitt’s #NOLA homes plus fans hold a tribute to #MacMiller in his hometown of #Pittsburgh and the new cast of #DWTS has been released 

Here’s what’s up

Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES: Some justice for #MarcAnthony and hopefully for the people living in Brad Pitt’s #NOLA homes plus fans hold a tribute to #MacMiller in his hometown of #Pittsburgh and the new cast of #DWTS has been released Here’s what’s up

Posted by 101.9 KISS FM on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Some justice for Marc Anthony as his former accountant (yup), who stole $9M is getting at least 2 years in prison!

Brad Pitt built dozens of homes in New Orleans after Katrina BUT now they're falling apart and residents are suing! Residents are saying "This has been years of ongoing lies and broken promises" Yikes!

Mac Miller's fans took to Blue Slide Park, a park in his hometown in Pittsburgh to hold a vigil and want  the park to be renamed in his honor.

The new cast of Dancing With The Stars has been released and you'll def recognize A LOT of names per usual but this year they tapped stars from Harry Potter, Disney Channel, and more


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