Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

Diss tracks seem to be everywhere. Even #MariahCarey’s new #GTFO! So who’s she beefin with? Plus WATCH #BTS perform #Idol on #AGT and since it’s #TBT, a look at the rebooted #Sabrina and #BluesClues

Here’s what’s up...

Diss tracks seem to be everywhere. Even Mariah Carey’s new GTFO! So who’s she beefin with? Some speculation is her most recent ex, Bryan Tanaka, OR could be James Packer, the billionair she was engaged to last year, OR Nick Cannon! or maybe about ALL of 'em... hmmm. give it a listen

BTS performed #Idol on #AGT last night and it's well worth the watch!

Speaking of giving a watch and Throwback Thursday, check out the reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch! It's not your ole Sabrina for sure...

And the reboot train doesn't stop there! Check out the latest from the Blues Clues reboot! yeah! Not kidding!

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