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Demi Lovato’s mom is talking her OD and also a bit of an update on her situation plus Eddie Murphy is set for a role in a remake that has me happy and The Weeknd and Daft Punk are facing some allegations thanks to #Starboy (here we go again)

Here’s what’s up

Demi Lovato’s mom is talking in a very emotion interview (can you blame her for being emotional really) saying that yeah. She was scared when she got the news and she wasn't sure if Demi would survive BUT she's "happy and healthy!"

Demi Lovato's mom is talking about Demi's overdose - Thumbnail Image

Demi Lovato's mom is talking about Demi's overdose

In other Demi news Demi Lovato's drug dealer is finally wanted on drug charges

Grumpy Old Men (remember that movie from like 1993?) is getting a remake starring Eddie Murphy! This excited me!

Here we go again, Another song being accused of ripping off another song. This time it's TheWeeknd and Daft Punk's Starboy. Yasminah's producers are suing TheWeeknd saying that the song is a direct rip. What do YOU think?

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