Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

#AGT crowned and winner last night plus a whole lot of confirmations from #SpaceJam2 to the#TwilightZone reboot and more. Here’s what’s up.

#AGT crowned and winner last night! Shin Lim captured America’s votes and the $1 million grand prize. He’ll headline the America’s Got Talent Live stage show in Las Vegas and he's REAL good.

Now on to all of the confirmed stuff headed your way!

LeBron James IS going to be starring in the sequel to Space Jam.. Yup Space Jam 2 is happening and apparently already in production!

Not only was Jordan Peele excited for the new Twilight Zone reboot he's taking a much larger role. He'll be hosting, narrating AND producing... It's coming to CBS All Access so get ready to get freaked out next year when that drops

And if you're all caught up on on the Marvel on Netflix sagas and ready for more... TA DA! Marvel announced Daredevil Season 3 is here in OCTOBER!

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