Geek Tank Radio Gets Ali'd

In the all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, fan fave Ali returns to introduce Joe to American Vandal Season 2, Allan aims to go mining in space, Brandon drops an earth-shattering theory about the new Joker film, and Brodee is marginally moved to hear about the end of TellTale Games. All this, and our MAS Update with Jeremy Veldman!


That’s More Than Enough, Joe - 100118x1

Joe books the show at a sushi eating contest between Joey Chestnut & Jabba the Hutt. Brodee wins….

Prof Gilbreath’s Space Mining Academy - 100118x2

Allan enrolls the Geek Patrol in a course on Space Mining

TellTale It On The Mountain - 100118x3

TellTale Games is calling it quits, leaving some players pondering Clementine’s fate…

MAS Hysteria - 100118x4

Everyone’s favorite astronomer Jeremy Veldman is back in the studio to update us on what’s coming up for the Memphis Astronomical Society

The Killing Joaq - 100118x5

The Geek Patrol discuss the insanity behind Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal on the Clown Prince of Crime, all while correcting Joe on how to pronounce “Joaquin!”

NetFIX - 100118x6

Your binge dealers are back with a full lineup on what to check out online.


OverLOADED - 100118x7

Brandon wades back into the tank with a clip full of bulletpoints!


Choose the Random Life - 100118x8

Turtle Wheelchairs, Triboelectric Nanogenerators and Batman 101!


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