Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

#Venom is getting some bad reviews but are they even real? Plus Bieber might’ve slipped up and confirmed those marriage rumors, Kenan Thompson gives the inside on Kanye on SNL, Ruby Rose is the most “dangerous” celebrity and the return of T.Swift 

Here’s what’s up

#Venom is getting some bad reviews getting compared to the early 2000's Cat-Woman, but are they even real? A new story out says that MOST of these "bad reviews" are just bots intent on causing discourse among fans. 

Justin Bieber might have confirmed those married rumors HIMSELF by referring to Hailey Baldwin as "his wife" but honestly when I was engaged I did the same thing... 

Kanye West held ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast ‘hostage,’ that's according to Kenan Thompson that gave the skinny on Seth Myers saying Kanye "baited" the cast with "come out on stage w/ me"

Ruby Rose is the "Most Dangerous" celebrity. Cybersecurity firm McAfee says users interested in the actress are most likely to land on websites that carry viruses or malware.

Taylor Swift is BACK! She's returning to to TV after nearly 3 years opening up this year's AMA's

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