Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

Another #RoyalWedding is in the books! Plus Jimmy Fallon has never been to Olive Garden!? Well that was until Post Malone helped him out plus we got a first look at #Aladdin but people are NOT happy. Here’s what’s up

CONGRATS to Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbanks on their royal wedding day! Here are the moments you need to watch!

Really Fallon? But seriously... You've NEVER been to Olive Garden? Well if that WAS true, thanks to Post Malone for showing you the incredible world of never ending breadsticks...

The Aladdin Teaser trailer has people upset from them NOT showing ANYONE other than Aladdin to the casting choice of Princess Jasmine. My take is this... If They were going to show us ALL of that... It's been called the MOVIE! This is just a teaser trailer... chill

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