Geek Tank Radio Wants To Make A Deal

In the all-new season of Geek Tank Radio, Brandon questions the need for more streaming services, Brodee make a startling discovery about the Amazing Mr Robert, Joe is addicted to Nathan For You, and Allan wants to sell you some dirt!


By The Power Of Geek Tank! - 101218x1

Joe Books the show at a He-Man lookalike contest, so he can finally make fun of someone else’s hair!

Prof Gilbreath’s Dirt Emporium - 101218x2

In what sound like Allan’s latest Get Rich Quick scheme, we learn all about being able to purchase dirt from other worlds…

Let’s Plug A Con! - 101218x3

In the latest Road To MCFC update, the Amazing Mr Robert joins the Geek Patrol to get everyone ready for “Let’s Make a Deal,” while Brodee makes a startling discovery about the man behind the DayCare Kids!

Gunn’s A-Blazing! - 101218x4

The Geek Patrol chimes in on the news that James Gunn is now attached to the new Suicide Squad sequel.

Drowning in Streaming - 101218x5

With all the streaming services out there, how do you choose? And how long before your streaming bill gets high enough to make you miss CABLE?

Watch What We Tell You To! - 101218x6

In the latest NetFIX, Joe discovers Nathan For You, Brodee confronts the Hormone Monster, and Allan gets freezer burn from Fire & Ice.

TankLockedLoaded - 101218x7

Brandon has plenty to discuss, so why are you reading when you could be listening?

You Want Random? We’ve Got Randoms - 101218x8

Lunar Auctions, Bribed Bacterium, Parkour Robots, and a Doggo vs The Drillers in Tulsa!



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