A Geek About Geek Tank Radio

On this all new-season of Geek Tank Radio, Allan wants to control gravity, Brodee prepares for a family-friendly Halloween, Brandon raves about a not-so-family-friendly Halloween, and Joe explores what makes a show infinitely rewatchable. All this, plus the unexpected Return of Geek Tank Global Correspondent Lara Johnson!


A Trek Too Fun…? - 101918x1

Joe books the show at a Vulcan amusement park. Do you think he’s commenting on Lara’s idea of “fun?”

Prof Gilbreath’s Gravitational Wave Pool - 101918x2

Feeling down lately? Allan’s got the science to get you bouncing again!

The Night She Came Home - 101918x3

Brandon serves up a 1-Man Review of Halloween, if he can just stop smiling long enough to do it!

Tips for the Halloween Challenged - 101918x4

The Geek Patrol offer up the personal ideas on how to make the holiday awesome

Li’l Sebastian Says Watch It Again - 101918x5

What makes a show rewatchable to the point of a possible addiction? The Geek Patrol explores…

NetFIX - 101918x6

The Binge Dealers in the Geek Patrol get you in tune with what they’ve been wasting their time with online.

Tank Locked Loaded - 101918x7

A loud noise carried on the wind? Must be some hot bullet points

What is Wrong With You People? - 101918x8

The Random just keeps getting weirder…..



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