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#Bieber’s a monster. There I said it. And it’s all because of a burrito. Ariana Grande has a new “love interest”, Chrissy Teigen gets horrified with Ellen and the Mrs. Doubtfire #reunion

The internet is calling Bieber out... He's a bit of a monster TBH and it's all because HOW he eats a burrito... He eats it sideways. SIDEWAYS! y'all...

Ariana Grande has a new “love interest”. Well she's head over heels for her new pet pig... Piggy Smalls and c'mon that's the perfect name and the little guy is pretty cute.

Ellen DeGeneres sent Chrissy Teigen and her executive producer through the "Purge" maze at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights. For our amusement and for hers, she also sent a camera crew. It was awesome!

This sounds 1) AWFUL and 2) PAINFUL! JT had to cancel a couple tour stops due to BRUISED VOCAL CHORDS! BRUISED?!? Ummm yeah that sounds terrible. Get well soon buddy! 

Well if THIS doesn't make you feel old. the cast of Mrs. Doubtfire reunited for their 25th anniversary... Yeah... 25th... sigh.. check out some of the posts.

BTW! If you want to check out how to become a St. Jude Partner In Hope! Check out the link below! 

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Become A St. Jude #PartnerInHope Hero

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