Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

More remake news! But seriously. #Clueless? Plus HAPPY BDAY KATY! How she celebrated and sad news from England. Here’s what’s up.


Remakes are ALL the rage rn... But Clueless? REALLY? Yeah that's aparently going to be a thing... say it ain't so


Katy Perry's birthday is truly a magical occasion. She's not only getting love and attention from her BF, Orlando Bloom but also from his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr and Katy looked absolutely fabulous! If that's what retirement from music looks like... I wanna retire from music...


And not to bring down the mood on a Friday BUT Queen Elizabeth sadly had to say goodbye to her last corgi, Whisper. 

And want that awesome shirt I was rockin in the video? It really does save lives! Get the #ThisShirtSavesLives by clicking the link below!

Become A St. Jude #PartnerInHope Hero
Become A St. Jude #PartnerInHope Hero
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