Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

A princess looses her title for love, “The Engagement” couple has been found, “the burrito” is a fake, and Bob Saget returns to AFV... sort of. Here’s what’s up.

Princess Ayako, a member of the Japanese royal family, married commoner Kei Moriya BUT had to give up her status as a royal in order to marry him. That rule does not apply to male royals who marry female commoners btw. so there's that... Check out the photos of the wedding. 


Yosemite engagement mystery solved! Photographer found that couple that he captured in an absolutely beautiful moment in a perfect setting. Not gonna lie, I'd want that to be my engagement photo cause it's perfect. He found them after that viral search. So yay! It worked!

THE TRUTH REVEALED! Turns out Justin Bieber does NOT eat a burrito like a monster.. It was staged and a total fake... Don't worry... I believed it too. The video explaining it all is below.

ABC has ordered two more seasons of American Funniest Home Videos, and (speaking of...) ordered Videos After Dark which is a new comedy reality series from the AFV producers, with original AFV host Bob Saget! Yay Bob Saget returning to what I remember him for besides Mr Tanner!

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