Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

Can we talk about #SimoneBiles, or should I say GOAT, for a sec... plus #DemiLovato exits rehab and the #SpiceGirls reunion actually happened. Sort of. Here’s what’s up.

After receiving her 90 day chip, Demi Lovato was seen out and about grabbing a coffee with Henry Levy! Ya Demi! Proud of you girl! Keep it up! 

Demi Lovato Out Of Rehab Looking 'Happy, Smiling': Report - Thumbnail Image

Demi Lovato Out Of Rehab Looking 'Happy, Smiling': Report

Well... The reunion IS happening... Sort of. The Spice Girls have been going back and forth on this whole reunion thing but now there are dates. 6 of them to be more precise BUT they're ALL in June and in the UK. so there's that. OH! And without Posh... Victoria Beckham is STILL a hold out. but yeah. 

Can we talk about the GREATEST gymnast of all time for a sec? I'm talking SIMONE BILES! Friday, Simone set WORLD records as being the most decorated female gymnast in the competition’s history. On Friday, she took home four gold medals, one silver, and one bronze after the world championships in Doha, Qatar. Factoring in these six awards, the 21-year-old gymnast has won 20 world championships medals over the course of her career—tying her with Russian gymnast Svetlana Khokrina. But when it comes to gold medals, Biles comes out on top. The U.S. gymnast has received an astounding 14 golds so far.

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