Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has a bit of a legal issue with a group that says the show STOLE their statue plus speaking of the law RBG is back! Already! and Prince Charles car is something out of a sci-fi movie. Seriously. Here’s what’s up

This has to be addressed. These CA wildfires are getting out of hand. Seriously. This one that's in Southern CA is claiming more and more homes and property and not to mention lives. Here's the latest and how to help. 

Kourtney And Kim Kardashian Were Evacuated Out Of Their Homes! - Thumbnail Image

Kourtney And Kim Kardashian Were Evacuated Out Of Their Homes!

Now to the bizarre... A satanic temple is suing Netflix $150 Million because they're claiming that the show Shilling Adventures of Sabrina  

sticking with the legal side of the news. DAYS after her fall in her office that sent her to the hospital and left her with broken ribs, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has left the hospital and is already back to work. I mean I FEEL like we already knew she was a badass but... wow! 

Now some REALLY cool news from across the pond. DID YOU KNOW! That Prince Charle's car runs on white wine... like seriously... apparently it smells pretty good when it drives by. I BET IT DOES! The darn thing is LITERALLY LOADED! 

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