EXCELSIOR! GTR Remembers: Stan Lee

Its hard to admit. It's even harder to put into words. Today we say goodbye to an icon who has touched our lives. Someone who has had a profound impact on writers, artists, and every kid who wanted to grow up to be a superhero. Today, we lost Stan Lee.

We at Geek Tank Radio would like to take this time to share their thoughts on The Man, and how he has affected our journey through geekdom...

Joe Thordarson

Geek Tank Radio, The Fix It Up Show


Ali Diggs

MCFC , Geek Tank Radio


Allan Gilbreath

Dark Oak Press, Geek Tank Radio


Tenitia Hobson

Geek Girl Brunch: Memphis


Brodee Scott

101.9 KISS FM, Geek Tank Radio


Tannen Van Horn

The CineMasoCast


Brandon ZK Olmstead

Geek Tank Radio, The CineMasoCast



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