Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

A new record for high priced art plus #ArianaGrande is turning into the #Grinch plus #SteveCarell talks that infamous outburst and #HaileyBaldwin’s relatable IG oops. Here’s what’s up

This is UNREAL. A David Hockney painting fetches $90.3 million, shattering auction record for a living artist. 


Ariana Grande might be turning into the Grinch... but seriously. She took to Twitter to do some... venting? and sent solo black heart emojis. Fans responded and she simply said.

Steve Carell and Kelly Clarckson FINALLY met and Steve opened up about the runin saying he was nervous because he thought she'd be mad or upset that he essentially turned her name into a safe curse word... she wasn't btw and the two hit it off.. aw yay! 

Hailey Baldwin had a seriously relatable IG snafu. She was doing a little IG stalking on Selena Gomez and accidentally followed a Selena fan account. Instead of hoping noone would notice (like we all do) she DM'd the account. lol. nice. 

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