Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

We have a NEW highest paid female in music and it ain’t who you think plus a HUGE fight at a PushaT show send people to the hospital, sadly we say goodbye to #LFO singer Devin Lima, everything coming to Netflix in December and how to watch the #ThanksgivingParadetomorrow!


Taylor Swift, Beyonce? Nope. Katy Perry is the highest-paid woman in music! I woulda thought Lady Gaga would have taken it but again... nope. 


In the UGLY news a huge brawl broke out at a PushaT show in Toronto sending some concert goers o the hospital. C'mon y'all... can't we get along?


In the sad news:

LFO singer Devin Lima, who was diagnosed with cancer lost his battle today at the age of 41. 

LFO's Devin Lima Has Died
LFO's Devin Lima Has Died
The former boy band star was 41

This might lift your spirits tho. There is a TON of stuff headed to Netflix in December including Avengers: Infinity War, Fuller House, and that Sabrina X-Mas special not to mention EVERYTHING else! 


And speaking of watchables... The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is tomorrow (of course) and there are a whole lotta ways to catch ALL of the action and commercial free! Thanks to YouTube and more!

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