Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

Did ya catch all the movie news over the break? Theres a LOT! Like out first look at #TheLionKingand what movie you should probably avoid plus#Jerry is back! Tell ya where he’ll be and more.

I will preface this by saying I WAS WRONG about not really wanting this. The "teaser trailer" for The Lion King dropped over Thanksgiving break and it is frame for frame perfect with the movie and btw looks awesome. That being said I'm confident in it now because IF it is frame-to-frame CGI remake it'll be just as good as the classic. (because it'll literally be the same movie)

Speaking of the box office over the weekend we officially have our biggest bomb of the year! Thanks to the newest Robin Hood movie. Here are the stats:

  • The new "Robin Hood" movie made just $14 million over the five-day holiday weekend at the box office.
  • It's the biggest bomb of 2018 for a movie with a budget over $90 million.

Yikes. The big winner btw was Wreck-It-Ralph (duh)

Break out the chairs and flying shoes 'cause Jerry is coming back to daytime TV! Jerry Springer has inked a deal with NBC for a new show, "Judge Jerry," that will feature the veteran talk show host as a judge in a courtroom. (Think, "Judge Judy.")... So how long till that show gets out of hand?

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