Geek Tank Radio: The Truth Is IN HERE!!!

In an all-new season of GTR, Allan tries to explain OSIRIS-REx to the Geek Patrol, Joe wonders what has happened to JK Rowling, Brandon runs through the 2018 Game Awards winners, and Brodee tackles the conspiracy of aliens living among us....


Yub Yub GOAL!!! - 120718x1

As the Geek Patrol kicks off the new season, Joe is taking bets on the Ewok Vs Gungans soccer match!

Professor Gilbreath Vs OSIRIS-REx - 120718x2

Another season, another crazy space mission to get Joe’s ears up and his tail wagging…

For Your Consideration: God of War - 120718x3

Brandon and Brodee run through the winners of the 2018 Game Awards

J/K, Rowling? - 120718x4

Has the author of some of Joe’s favorite books lost a bit of her magic, or did she just trade for the cash?

CONspiracy Nation: Aliens Among Us - 120718x5

Brodee knows that the truth is out there, he’s just not sure where….

The Binge Is Real - 120718x6

Zack Morris is Trash, Frontier proves to be rather rough, and Allan fires up the WayBack Machine.

Partially Loaded - 120718x7

Short, sweet, and right to the point. That’s how we confuse Joe/

Who Randomizes the Randomizers? - 120718x8

As if this season could get any more random….



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