Geek Tank Radio Never Needs to Recharge

All-new adventure awaits from the latest season of GTR as Allan teases longer cell phone life between charges, Brandon and Brodee talk about the awesomeness of Jordan Peele, and Joe finally wraps up Daredevil Season 3!

It's Feedbag Worthy - 011119x1

Joe continues to line his pocket by contacting the classics!

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Professor Gilbreath’s Charging Station -011119x2

Allan prepares us for the world of Lithium-Air.

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Bungie Jump - 011119x3

Bungie is done with Activision, and they’re taking Destiny with them!

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Dare to Finish - 011119x4

Joe has finally finished Season 3 of Daredevil and is ready to weigh in…

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Jordan’s A-Peele - 011119x5

From high comedy to psychological thrillers, Jordan Peele is one man we can not stop watching!

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The Greatest Album - 011119x6

The Greatest Showman, a GTR Favorite, has crushed album sales for 2018!

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RAWRRRR…? - 011119x7

Netflix has dropped a third Godzilla Anime, but is it worth it? Brodee feels not…

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Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?

There’s never any rhyme or reason, but you can be sure it’ll be worth it. Maybe.

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