Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

Thanks to the #BirdBoxChallenge YouTube is changing some things up PLUS trouble for Chris Hansen and #SpaceForce is hitting Netflix. Here’s what’s up

If you think that you NEED to do the Bird Box or Tide Pod challenge and want to put it on YouTube you're going to have a bad time. YouTube is cracking down on the "harmful and dangerous" videos by removing them and/or demonetizing your account. 

Read all about it here

Chris Hansen is no stranger to busting people as he busted MANY creepers on his show "To Catch A Preditor" but now HE'S getting busted. (Thankfully for not the creeper thing)... for bouncing checks.

Steve Carell is going to be starring in a Netflix comedy based on Trump’s Space Force and fingers crossed it's shot documentary style so we get a "Office Sequel"  

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