Geek Tank Radio Apologizes In Advance...

It’s time for an all-new season of Geek Tank! Joe continues his Sponsor Search! Brodee’s Spider-sense gets triggered by the new Far From Home trailer! Brandon prepares for Kombat with the MK11 Reveal! It’s a KISS Original complete with intrigue, excitement, and a sneak peek at what to expect from the upcoming GTR Showcase!


Cosbreeze Take Me Away! - 011819x1

Joe calls on another former sponsor to handle the excitement from this season!

FINISH THEM! - 011819x2

Activision under investigation, EA fails us again, and MORTAL KOMBAT 11!

Who Ya Gonna Call Now? - 011819x3

Jason Reitman got the keys to ECTO-1, and we’ve got the wild speculation to fuel to ride!

Far From a Teaser - 011819x4

Spider-man is back, and Fury’s coming with him!

Terms & Conditions Suck - 011819x5

YouTube is just protecting you from yourself.

OP/ED: The Oscars are Trash - 011819x6

GTR Showcase Sneak Peek! 

TLL: Fire Away - 011819x7

The bullet points are flying. Hope you’re wearing a vest.

Rated R for Random - 011819x8

You’ll probably keep seeing subways the same way you always have... GROSS!



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