Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

#NoScrubs gets an unlikely cover that has people talking plus Selena Gomez drops new music with Julia Michaels and get ready from new stuff from #50Shades author. Here’s what’s up.

We've ALL heard the Africa cover but apparently Weezer didn't stop there. On their new album there's a cover of TLC's No Scrubs and well... everyone! MJ, and some 80's classics. give it a listen... 

Speaking of music this is actually NEW! Not a cover. Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels teamed up and have released a new song called Anxiety. Give it a listen 

Speaking of the new! Get ready for more 50 Shades... sort of... It's a new tale from 50 Shades author E.L. James titled The Mister. 

Here's what we know

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