Geek Tank Radio is On FYRE!


In this all-new, long overdue season of GTR, the Geek Patrol discusses the fueding FYRE documentaries, Allan preapres us for Virtual Conditioning, Joe commends Tesla Patriotism, Brodee bemoans IO, and Brandon defends the support gator. All this and the obscene amount of money America spent on video games!

Flossing… Now Fangtastic! - 012519x1

Allan just had a feast, now he’s gotta clean up!

Prof Gilbreath’s VR Conditioning - 012519x2

Allan prepares the world for VR, but can he prepare VR for the world?

Halt and Catch FYRE! - 012519x3

The Geek Patrol takes a look at the two FYRE documentaries and learn about Joe’s greatest fear

America LOVES Gaming - 012519x4

Americans spent an obscene amount of money on video games, and rightfully so!

CONSpiracy Nation: Cold Steel War - 012519x5

Was it a Glitch? Or was it Patriotism?

Brodee, He Don’t Like It - 012519x6

IO did not sit well with Joe or Brodee

TLL: Into the Trenches - 012519x7

Bulletpoint Berserker Barrage!

Let’s Get Physically Random - 012519x8

What’s the over/under on Joe’s Random submission involving snakes, toilets, or Australia?

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