Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Woah! Scary! Luke Perry is in the hospital plus the #Momo thing might not ACTUALLY be a thing (ok enough of the scary stuff) The Masked Singer winner is unmasked and has us talking, new Jonas, and Gaga opens up about her “romance” with Bradley Cooper

Let's start with the scary stuff,

Luke Perry has been hospitalized after reportedly suffering a massive stroke, according to TMZ. Stay up to date with the latest by following the link below. Thinking of ya LUKE!

'Riverdale' Star Luke Perry Suffers Massive Stroke, Currently Hospitalized - Thumbnail Image

'Riverdale' Star Luke Perry Suffers Massive Stroke, Currently Hospitalized

The last bit of scary news which thankfully is now a LITTLE less scary is that the #MomoChallenge doesn't REALLY exist. Yup. Apparently the FB hysteria (and rightfully so) surrounding that creepy image is a hoax. That's the good news. The bad news? The internet is still a pretty scary place especially for kids which is what fueled this in the first place.

(no I'm not gonna post a pic of Momo. That's on you if you want the haunting nightmare fuel)

On to the happier stuff,

Like last night's Masked Singer Finale! SPOILER but uhhh... T-PAIN CAN SANG Y'ALL! It makes you question everything like why the auto-tune and why are we just learning of his incredible pipes now? Well, We actually DID hear his real voice in his first album but expect MUCH more (fingers crossed for a TRUE R&B album.

PS.- T-Pain was the monster

Speaking of music,

Get ready because TOMORROW we get World Premiere Jonas Brothers! Yup They're back and like I reported before... It's just Jonas now.

Lady Gaga took to Jimmy Kimmel after her Oscars win and cleared the air about the whole "in love with Bradley Cooper" thing saying "I’m an artist and I guess we did a good job… fooled ya!" She cited that the two have been acting... Yes Gaga. That acting never stopped. IDK if I'm FULLY convinced but sure.

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