Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Jordan Peele's US has a HUGE opening night plus Cardi B puts her foot down "Okurrrrr" and drink to RBG with her own brew! Here's what's up

Jordan Peele's US has a HUGE opening night raking in $7.4 Million!!! Goodness!

Cardi B is saying NO to you saying "OKURRRRRRR" as she has trademarked her iconic saying. Yes, there are loopholes. The trademark is spelled with only two R's so let the "r's" fly?

Cheers to you Ruth Bader Ginsburg with your OWN brew! Sam Adams has announced the Ruth Bader Ginsburg beer titled “When There Are Nine,” which is a reference to RBG’s legendary response to the question of when she thinks there will be “enough” women on the Supreme Court. SCOTUS btw has nine judges in total. The brew will be an IPA made from hops created by the Pink Boots Society, which is a non-profit that supports women in the brewing industry. I'll drink to that!

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