Ned Flanders Themed Metal Band Gets It's Simpsons Break!

Good guy neighbor, Ned Flanders, has inspired many things, Metal band doesn't jump right out as the top of the list but Okilly Dokilly is just that, A Ned Flanders themed band and they're getting their big break on their namesakes show, The Simpsons!

The band posted this on their social media:

“Us Neds were recently contacted by the wonderful folks over at The Simpsons. They asked us if they could air the White Wine Spritzer music video during the credits of an episode. We’ve been in complete and total disbelief, until tonight, when it ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Tonight, season 30, episode 20, Okilly Dokilly was on the Simpsons. We did it neighborinos. Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Congrats Guys!

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