These Were Netflix's Top 10 Television Shows In 2018

The Office

The Office

Netflix users are spending more time streaming The Office than any other show on their platform, according to a new report from Nielsen. For anybody with a Netflix account, this information probably isn't too surprising. While Netflix likes to keep it's streaming numbers pretty private, this new report sheds some light on how people spend their time on the streaming platform.

Here are Netflix's Top 10 Television Shows In 2018:

10) Ozark

9) Parks and Recreation

8) Supernatural

7) Orange is the New Black

6) Shameless

5) Criminal Minds


3) Grey's Anatomy

2) Friends

1) The Office

This list was determined by how many minutes were spent viewing each show. Orange is the New Black and Shameless, funnily enough, had the same amount of streaming time as each other. Seeing Friends come in as the second most streamed show on Netflix sheds some light on why the streaming giant paid $100 million to keep the rights to the beloved '90s sitcom.

Did you stream any of these 10 shows in 2018?

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