WATCH: Crocodile Attacks A Couple Swimming In Their Pool! YIKES!!

So thankfully the couple escaped the encounter with non-serious injuries but seriously scary situation as a crocodile attacked them while they were swimming in their pool!

Here's the full story from viralhog

"CCTV footage captures a Nile crocodile getting into a private pool with a couple and attacking. The couple had just met that day a few hours prior and were with a group of 8 friends on holiday at the Little Kariba house. The man quickly scrambles for safety by the edge of the pool leaving the woman behind. The woman luckily survived. She managed to fight off the crocodile before jumping out of the pool. They left the reptile in the pool.The girl had some deep cuts on her shoulder back and elbow but nothing serious. The crocodile was relocated by parks to a strictly game dam with no human contact possible."