YIKES! Teen Comes Face-To-Face With A Bear In Her Driveway!

Just a normal trip out to the driveway to maybe get something you left in the car. The MOST you'd expect to see is a bird or squirrel, ok, maybe a stray cat or dog, but a BEAR!? That's what this Massachusetts teen found!

The full story is this:

The Barre Police Department shared home security camera footage that shows a girl appearing to look for something on the ground in her family's driveway.

A bear cub wanders across the lawn and crosses in front of an SUV, briefly coming face-to-face with the teenager.

Both the teen and the bear fled the encounter in different directions.

"This was a cub, the much larger mother was in the back yard," the police department said. "Bear activity in our area has and continues to increase. Please remember to bring your bird feeders in until the snow flies. Always be aware of your surroundings when outdoors."

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