Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

Let the streaming wars begin! NBC’s new steaming service Peacock isn’t playing nice as they pull another fan fav from ALL platforms BUT they’re giving us something in return plus the ONLY place to binge Big Bang Theory, Tinder goes games and new music from Alicia Keys

Remember the days when we only had to choose between Netflix or Hulu... yeah... simpler times. We have a new competitor in the streaming services thanks to NBC. They'e releasing Peacock and not playing nice about it as they're pulling ALL of their shows from other streaming services. So say goodbye to Parks And Rec on EVERYTHING! (I Know! SAy it ain't so!)

Speaking of "binge-ables" where can you binge The Big Bang Theory? Well since CBS hasn't entered the streaming service race HBO has stepped in and bought up the rights to stream the entire show.

Tinder is getting into the "game" world... sort of. The dating app is developing a Choose You Own Adventure style game that will let users navigate choices via swipes. This is all to better match people based on the choices they'd make in the game.

and it's not Friday BUT we got new music today! From iHeart Music Fest artist Alicia Keys! She's teamed up with Miguel and it's called Show Me Love!

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