Disney+ Explains How They'll Cut Down On Password Sharing

And the password is text on sticky note.

And the password is text on sticky note.

Despite launching only a few days ago, Disney+ has already surpassed 10 million subscribers. Though Disney's new streaming platform has 10 million accounts, there's likely many more people binge-watching their favorite Disney Channel shows and classic animated movies. Like all streaming platforms, there's going to be a bunch of password sharing happening on Disney+. Unlike other streaming platforms, though, Disney+ has a plan for cutting down on password sharing.

“Password sharing is definitely something we think about,” Michael Paull, president of Disney Streaming Services, said during a Disney+ media preview last week. According to The Verge, Paull and the rest of the Walt Disney Company hope "customers will recognize just how much they’re getting for $6.99 per month" and keep their passwords to themselves. “We believe that consumers will see that value, and they’re going to act accordingly,” he continued. “They’re going to use those accounts for their family, for their household. That being said, we do recognize password sharing exists and will continue to exist.”

Though Paull believes password sharing won't be a huge issue for Disney+, he revealed Disney has a plan established just in case password sharing does get out of hand and stunts the new streaming platform's growth. “We have created some technology that’s in the backend that we will use to understand behavior,” Paull explained. “And when we see behavior that doesn’t make sense, we have mechanisms that we’ve put in place that will deal with it.”

Even before Disney+ launched it was reported that the new streaming platform would be strict about how many users utilize one account. Disney even partnered with Charter Communications to "work together on piracy mitigation. The two companies will work together to implement business rules and techniques to address such issues as unauthorized access and password sharing.”

While Disney+ knows each household will likely have multiple users per account, they will likely keep an eye out for accounts being used in a multiple locations. The specifics of their plan to cut back on password sharing have not yet been made public.

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