Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

BTS has a new album coming! Tell ya when to expect it PLUS Christian Bale is in the new THOR movie? Singing in masks is fun but how about dancing? And YG has a TON of jewelry stolen from his hotel room. Tell ya how much. Here’s what’s up.

South Korean boy band BTS is releasing a new album VERY soon. They announced today that their new album titled Map of the Soul: 7 will drop on Feb. 21

More talk is coming out of Marvel, more specifically the new Thor movie as they're going BAT. or ex-bat as Christian Bale is in talks to join Chris Hemsworth in the new Thor: Love and Thunder

You thought singing in masks was fun well get ready to DANCE! What started as a segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last year has taken off as a sort of spin off on FOX. Get ready for the Masked Dancer. No debut date announced yet but same premise as the Masked Singer just with dancing. Should be fun.

and lastly, yo thought the Kardashian jewelry heist was bad... YG had a whopping $400k of bling lifted from his hotel room in London. It's def an ongoing investigation and YG is working with the UK police to get to the bottom of it.

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