This Is Tennessee's Most Famous Deli Sandwich

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If you're stuck deciding on where to dine for lunch, there's one place that will never let you down: a deli. Whether you want to design your own sandwich or trust the process by sampling a sandwich straight off the menu, you're sure to find a meal you'll enjoy.

Cheapism searched the country to find the most famous deli sandwich in each state. According to the site:

"Whether it's a classic Jewish or Italian deli or a more new-school artisanal shop, your sandwich should be made carefully with the best ingredients, which often come from a family recipe — and let's not forget the all-important pickle on the side."

So which restaurant has the most famous deli sandwich in the state?

Mitchell's Delicatessen

Located in Nashville, Mitchell's Delicatessen serves up the best sandwich in the state. While there are plenty of sandwiches to choose from, from bagels for breakfast to the Pastrami and Swiss or Tennessee Tuna Melt, the Asian Flank Steak was named the best of the best.

Mitchell's Deli is located at 1306 McGavock Pike.

Here's what Cheapism had to say:

"This Nashville favorite has been drawing crowds since opening in 2008 and offers a tasty range of deli sandwiches, including plenty of vegetarian and vegan options that get good reviews. One of its first big hits has gone on to become an essential menu item, featuring grilled flank steak that's been marinated in a blend of Asian-style spices, then served with giardiniera, provolone, and mayo on a hoagie roll from the legendary Silke's Old World Breads Bakery."

To see the full list of each state's most famous deli sandwich, check out the report here.

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