Health Experts Say Lemon Coffee Trend On TikTok is a Sham

Photo: Getty Images

The latest trend on TikTok has prompted millions of people to add lemon juice to their morning coffee, hoping it will burn off some extra weight. However, there's one problem with the new trend, health experts say: it doesn't actually work!

"Adding lemon into coffee will not promote weight loss, just like drinking lemon water has little impact on body weight," says dietician and author Erin Palinski-Wade.

However, drinking coffee without lemon -- or cream and sugar -- may actually contribute to weight loss, Palinski-Wade adds. "Drinking more calorie-free beverages, especially warm beverages, can help to increase the feeling of fullness, which may lead to eating smaller portions and weight loss," she says. "But it isn't the lemon causing the weight loss."

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