FACT: Penis size being affected by POLLUTION!

There are a lot of things happening in our world because of the things we *need* and one of the many things being affected is guys' penis size!

According to a scientist-

The substance in question is called phthalates, which are chemicals created in the production of plastics ... which, when exposed to the human endocrine system, screws with our natural hormone process -- a dynamic that Dr. Swan says is affecting our reproductive organs.
She cites different peer-reviewed studies in her findings, which say there's a scary trend of modern-day babies being born with noticeably shorter members -- which she directly links to the phthalates she says are seeping into our toys and even some foods we eat.

It's a "crisis in the making" that has been seen on rats... so it's gotta be true for humans too.

You better hope your motion of the ocean is solid and fun!

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