All the Freebies You Can Get With The Vaccine

I've been so emotional about getting the vaccine that I didn't realize I could also get some free stuff with the card that everyone's posting about! It's like a coupon book, without the clipping or remembering to take them off the fridge!

Keep this link somewhere, because I'll continue to update it every time I find something else!

  • First: Free LAMINATION for your card! Go to Staples or Office Depot so it doesn't get demolished the first time you go out!
    • Budweiser will give you a $5 card to buy beer, and you could win 10,000 beers if you click here
    • Sam Adams will CashApp you $5 if you post on IG with #ShotforSam
  • FREE DONUT! Go to Krispy Kreme to get a free glazed donut by showing them your card
  • FREE DESSERT: If you happen to be near a WHITE CASTLE, they'll give you a free dessert... even a slice of cake on a stick!
  • FREE RIDE: Uber and Lyft will give you a free ride to your shot location... but maybe you're getting picked up or dropped off at a bar, ya know?
  • FREE WEED: Dispensaries are offering free joints and edibles to people with "Joints for Jabs." Research where you get it and you might discover the treat. :)
  • or FREE NUTRITION: So Good On You has health-filled shots, and you can get a free one if you go here

For more info on these, click here! Happy freebie grabbin and celebrating!