The Geek Patrol Gets Insomnia!

BTYB Hulk Juice - 080219 Ep. 1:

This week's season of Geek Tank Radio is fueled by gamma-infused liquid refreshment!


Prof. Gilbreath's MechaROACH - 080219 Ep. 2:

Allan lets us know about a new, virtually unkillable robotic bug!


Howl at the Blood Moon - 080219 Ep. 3

Brandon and Brodee talk the new trailer for Nightwolf in Mortal Kombat 11, while Andy tells us all about Overwatch's new overhaul!


Scary Stories - 080219 Ep. 4

"Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" is out soon in theaters, and Brandon shares why he's so excited for it!


CONSpiracy Nation: The War on Sleep - 080219 Ep. 5:

Brodee is convinced there is a war on the public's slumber; either to keep people from sleeping, or to force them to do so!


Lockley's Lament: WolfenSTAIN - 080219 Ep. 6:

Andy was genuinely looking forward to Wolfenstein: Youngblood... until he played it.


Locked and Loaded: The Flesh Wound - 080219 Ep. 7

Brandon's news this week is short and sweet.


Wacky Waving Inflatable Randoms - 080219 Ep. 8

The Geeks get wacky and weird with this week's Random Roundup.

Geek Tank Radio

Geek Tank Radio

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