The Geek Patrol is Burning Up!

BTYB: Pants on Fire - 080919 Ep. 1

Joe brings the group a new sponsor with inflammatory results!


Prof. Gilbreath's Taste Detectors - 080919 Ep. 2

Allan presents some news about an artificial tongue!


The Great Hack of E3 - 080919 Ep. 3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo got hacked, and Andy has the full rundown!


One Man Review: Hobbs and Shaw - 080919 Ep. 4

Brandon saw Hobbs and Shaw, and lets us know if he enjoyed it, or left the theater fast and furious!


CONSpiracy Nation: Scales of Justice! - 080919 Ep. 5

Brodee sees an invasion on the horizon, an invasion... of Lizardmen!


Joe vs. YouTube DIY - 080919 Ep. 6

YouTube has a helpful or tutorial video for just about everything. Joe has an issue with that.


Nobody Expects the GTR Randoms - 080919 Ep. 7

The Geek Patrol lets the weirdness fly in this week's Random Roundup!

Geek Tank Radio

Geek Tank Radio

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