The Geek Patrol Gets Sanitized!

BTYB: Gotham Sanitation - 100419 Ep. 1

Gotham City's Department of Sanitation has finally decided to clean up their act.


Prof. Gilbreath's Elon Story - 100419 Ep. 2

Elon Musk is apparently working on some new starships, and Allan's got the scoop!


MK11: Judgment Day - 100419 Ep. 3

The T-800 Terminator is coming to Mortal Kombat 11, and bringing Judgment Day with him.


Send in the Clowns - 100419 Ep. 4

The gang saw Joker, and to say they have some thoughts about it would be an understatement.


CONSpiracy Nation: Saturnian Infiltration - 100419 Ep. 5

The Mining Guild of Saturn has infiltrated our space programs, and Joe has the proof!


NetFIX: In the Shadow of the Moon - 100419 Ep. 6

Brodee saw some time-jumping goodness, and the crew talks about the premiere of Bluff City Law!


Cleanin' House - 100419 Ep. 7

Locked and Loaded returns!


Rando Like a Mofo - 100419 Ep. 8

Things get really random this week.

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